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Dental fillings are one of the most basic methods of restoring teeth. They do exactly what their name suggests – they fill a hole in the tooth that has been caused by decay, playing an important role in helping us to keep a tooth for many more years.

`Silver` fillings are made of dental amalgam – a mixture of mercury with other metals, including silver, tin and copper. Amalgam is soft at first, but quickly becomes hard once placed in the tooth.


We use amalgam in the practice because it is tough and safe. However there are alternatives available such as tooth colored fillings

Tooth coloured fillings: in general a tooth needs less drilling for a tooth coloured filling than for a silver filling.


Unlike silver fillings, tooth coloured fillings, which come in different shades to match different coloured teeth, are glued into place, sealing the filling and helping to strengthen the remaining par of the tooth.


Tooth colored fillings can be used in most situations, including the filling of back teeth and making the front teeth look better

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